2017 Charities

Our Charities that we are going to help out this year with profits from the event are: Rascal Rodeo and the Local Homeless Vets.   Also supporting the Columbia Young Marines.   All of these organizations have been offered a booth at the event to explain their organization to you.   By being a Sponser, purchasing a raffle ticket, daily draw ticket, purchasing an ad in our Program Book, and telling your friends and neighbors about our event, all helps us to give to the charities.


We are a 501c3 organization that produces exceptional rodeos with real life cowboys & cowgirls sharing the adrenaline rush & sense of accomplishment of the western way of life with special athletes who fight battles in a different arena.


“Willing Hearts Outstanding Abilities” Proving that people that may be seen as someone who can’t do something because of a “disability” can do it!

Company Overview

What started as a 2001 Senior Project in High School for Ann-Erica Whitemarsh is now a non-profit organization planning to produce exceptional rodeos throughout the United States and Canada!  www.rascalrodeo.org

Exceptional Rodeos are tied together with Hippotherapy or Therapeutic riding, which has many positive effects on people with disabilities.  This form of therapy is very physically and mentally stimulating in several positive ways.

The different disabilities that benefit from Therapeutic Riding, include:
■Autism Spectrum Disorders
■Cerebral Palsy
■Down Syndrome
■Behavioral Disorders
■Developmental Delays
■Muscular Fibrosis
■Multiple Sclerosis
■Spinal Cord Injury
■Traumatic Brain Injury
■Spina Bifida

Benefits of Hippotherapy  include:
■Increasing muscles strength and control of rider
■Increasing a riders balance
■Increase in posture
■Allows the riders interaction with many different people, increasing social skills
■Freedom of movement
■Confidence and Self Esteem
■Emotional Support

These rodeos will allow special needs participants the opportunity to rope a calf, ride a bucking bull and bronc, barrel race, stick horse race, milk a cow, and partner with rodeo athletes that will show them just what being a cowboy or cowgirl is like.  There is a positive outcome not just for the special athletes but for the volunteers and those who help organize the rodeos.  Even the audience and bystanders can see the fun, acceptance, and feel the excitement that the participants share.

They will have a “rodeo” at our event on Saturday – around 10:00 am.    


These great young men & women have been to our event the past two years (this will be the third year) to post the colors prior to each Concert on Friday and Saturday nights.  We give to them what we can – all depends on our profits of course!

The Columbia River Young Marines is one of over 300 units belonging to the national Young Marine Program.  Started in 1958, the Young Marine program is one that endeavors to instill positive values in today’s boys and girls, aged 8 to 18.  Throughout our Nation, there are more than 14,000 young Americans being guided by an organization based on Marines giving back to their communities.

There are currently 4 Young Marine units in Washington State.  The Columbia River Young Marines is located in the Tri-Cities area serving youth from Finley, Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and Benton City and the surrounding area.

They are not a funded organization and rely on the hard work of the Young Marines through fundraising efforts and the benevolence of the business community and service organizations.  The adult staff are all volunteer and composed of people with varying military and civilian backgrounds and professions.

The Columbia River Young Marines receive opportunities to build their pride and leadership skills through such challenging events like rappelling, physical fitness, camping, close order drill, swimming, land navigation and many other activities.  They get opportunities to earn promotions and ribbons through their achievements and as they grow in skill.  There are also travel opportunities as the Young Marines participate in National Schools or encampments with other units.

The Young Marine program is not a program for couch potatoes, or a baby-sitting service.  It is a challenging, exciting and motivating program that requires commitment to excel

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