Cowboy Idol Contest & Open Mic


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Open Mic Sign-up  -

Sign-up will  be at the event by each stage (Ranch & Home Building and Van’s Jewlery Building).   Come and sign-up if you are interested in telling your tall tale, reciting your poetry or singing!  Love to have you!  PS:  You could win the “People’s Choice Award”!

Cowboy Idol Contest

Contact Smoke Wade (435) 215-9675  if interested in participating


This is the eighth year Smoke has put on the “Cowboy Idol” Contest for us.  It has become a big part of our event and brings in some really good talent to all three of our stages!   I know you will enjoy the talent he has brought to our event this year plus his own poetry and storytelling!   Enjoy!


2014 Cowboy Idol and Open Mic People’s Choice Winners!

Dave McClure, Beargrass (Shayne & Alane Watkins), Jim Aasen, Rusty Feathers, Keith Ward.

2016 Contestents coming soon!

2015 Contestents were: 

Doug Figgs – Musician —Won 2nd Place!

Doug Figgs is a horseshoer, a cowboy, and a Western music singer/songwriter. In twenty plus years of shoeing horses he has earned the title of “Certified Journeyman Farrier”, the highest level attainable through the American Farrier’s Association.

In the last few years he has turned his attention to his love of music with the emphasis on Western themes. As a member of the Western Music Association, he has already been nominated for the WMA “Crescendo Award” three times. Also, as a member of the trio “The Cowboy Way”, the group won the 2014 “Harmony Trio Award” at the WMA convention.

His song “It’s All About the Horses” went as high as number two on the Western music charts. Another song of his, “Dancing With Matilda”, was a top five nominee for the New Mexico Music Awards “Western Song of the Year” and also, along with his song “All Because of You”, was a top ten finalist at the Tucson Folk Festival.

He has toured the Southwest extensively and continues to turn out his own variety of Western music, from hard driving songs with a tinge of southern rock, to beautiful ballads and everything in between.

Floyd Beard - Poet  —Won 1st place!

Floyd Beard has been a cowboy most of his life.  He has held many other jobs to support his cow habit. Floyd and his wife Valerie, of 38 years, currently run a cow calf operation on the Eastern Plains of Colorado near Punkin Center.

Floyd has performed cowboy poetry for 30 plus years to groups and gatherings.  Often compared to Baxter Black, Floyd has a genuine storytelling style.  Mostly using his own poems, Floyd has honored the history of the cowboy and rancher and their way of life.

Floyd won the Colorado State Fair Cowboy Poetry Shootout in 2006 competing against the contestants from a 5 state area.  He has presented around the Western US and has been honored to present at Gatherings such as the Stony Plains Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Gathering in Stony Plains, Alberta, Canada, the Cimarron Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in Cimarron New Mexico, the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Arvada Colorado.  Floyd has also preformed at many other Gatherings and events as well as performing for groups all around Colorado and New Mexico.

Floyd has two CD’s and is working on a couple more.  He is the current WMA Colorado Chapter President and is revitalizing the organization through developing showcases, jam sessions, and is organizing another gathering in Colorado.

Floyd mostly performs his own original poetry written about his own experiences and his observations of the western way of life. He also honors the past traditions of our western culture through recitations of what he calls the best of classic cowboy poetry by the masters.  Floyd’s stories are inter-woven with his western code of high ethics and integrity and sprinkled richly with humor.  His philosophy is simple.  “Life is a journey not a destination, and is best viewed from atop a good horse.”

PW Conway – Poet

PW Conway is a cowboy poet, author and entertainer.  His book Buckaroo Poetry, Cowboy Poems For Young and Old, was nominated for the Western Music Association’s 2014 cowboy poetry book of the year and won the 2014 Will Rogers Silver Medallion Award for poetry book of the year. He is a two-time winner of the Ventura County Cowboy Poetry competition. Last year he participated in the first ever WMA Cowboy Poetry Jackpot in Albuquerque, NM.

Last year PW performed his poetry at events in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and California. He performs his cowboy poetry at charity events, cowboy festivals and county fairs. When not writing, PW enjoys team penning and trail riding with his horse Rascal. His second book “Buckaroo Poetry, Welcome To My Campfire” is soon to be published, as well as a CD of “Buckaroo Poetry, Cowboy Poems For Young and Old”.  PW lives in Simi Valley, CA

Smokey Culver - Poet

Smokey grew up in Pasadena and Southeast TX.   His poetry is in several publications – one is A “Wrap and a Hooey” Book of Cowboy Poetry – Red Dashboard Publishing; Available on  Another is “I Wasn’t Born a Cowboy” Cowboy Poetry Press.  He was a featured Cowboy Poetry Columnist in the Poolville Post (Poolville, TX)  and a  Guest Poet on Stall 13, World of Horses Radio Show.

Smokey was awarded a finalist in the NFR Cowboy Poetry Contest in Las Vegas in 2014 with “What Makes a Man a Cowboy?”.  He was Poet of the Year in 2013, at the Texas Independence Day Celebration at the Courthouse in Granbury, TX .

A Little bit about his poetry -he writes about whatever comes to his mind, mostly farmers and ranchers and down home folks. He says the Lord has blessed him with an ability to put thoughts into words that generally make sense, and even stir up emotions sometimes. His poems are both happy and sad. He says, “If I make you laugh I have done my job. If I make you cry, I have done my job”.

David Wilson – Musician

David is from Kennewick, WA but says he was raised all over the country. Ohio, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona.

He has been playing guitar from the age of 12 years old and has had many musical influences but the one with the most staying power is Country and Western. He worked construction for many years but never quit playing music.

He is currently working with Warm Beach publishing on new songs, and doing small performances locally.

Allen & Jill Kirkham – Musician——They Won 1st Place

They are a husband and wife Western Music Duo from Rapid City, South Dakota, featuring Allen Kirkham on lead vocals, guitar and mandolin, and Jill Kirkham on bass fiddle, acoustic bass, and harmonica.   Allen is a Western Music Association (WMA) Traditional Western Songwriter.  Allen & Jill are also performing members of the Circle B Cowboys entertaining guests from all over the world at the Circle B Chuckwagon located on the High Country Guest Ranch, Hill City, South Dakota where they were also the Chuckwagon cooks and Wrangled horses.

Their “Ghost Towns” CD of classic and original Traditional Western songs is currently listed on the Western Way Magazine, January 2015 Issue, WMA Top 30 Cowboy / Western Albums at #18, as played by Western Music DJs across the country and overseas.

Allen & Jill have played music together since 1980 performing in community events, jamborees, gatherings, festivals, churches, schools, retreats, camps, and military chapel events basing in South Dakota and Colorado, throughout the Southwest, the Midwest, and down into the Southeast U.S.  Their live performances and CDs feature their favorite classic and original Traditional Western songs.

Allen is also the worship pastor at Black Hawk Community Church, Black Hawk, South Dakota.  Allen is retired Air Force active duty, and retired Army Civilian with 33 years of military service. Jill is a professional artist and photographer.

Visit “Allen & Jill Kirkham – KirkhamMusic” on FaceBook and their website at  Allen & Jill Kirkham can be booked by emailing Allen Kirkham at or by calling 719-494-5162.

Dave McClure – Poet —Won 2nd Place

Dave is a Nespelem, Washington cattle rancher.  A cowboy poet, songwriter and one who sees the humor in living the life of a cowboy.



Janice Deardorff – Musician

Janice Deardorff is a cowgirl at heart. She fell in love with the west, through the ears of a horse, when she was five years old.

Janice is an Arizona native and she loves sharing her western heritage.  Her music is a blend of traditional western music and contemporary western folk.  Janice’s songs are inspired by her western adventures and the history of the west.

Janice’s warm and captivating presence draws her audience into a very memorable musical experience.

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